Although being a brand new company, the team of HotelArtPro consists of professionals with vast experience in various fields of hotel business. We all share the passion for a job well-done and always look forward to do more for our customers.

Working with Clients' ideas

When it comes to managing a hotel, first of all we listen to the Owner. We try to understand his vision for the image and the future of the property. We must be on the same page, literally, to able to accept the task and achieve the set goals. The dialogue between our team and the Owner is always at a great importance to us.

Forecasting & Planning

Another part of our job, which starts at the very beginning and never stops. Once we know our targets, we make sure that we can reach them. In the everchanging environment of tourism and hospitality business, detailed projections and optimization of every process is the key. Our experts and analysts spend a lot of time to provide all the essential information, before any major decisions are made. 

Contracting & Promotion

A successful hotel is not just the one being fully booked through the season. It is also the quality of the guests that matters. While operating our hotels, we always take in consideration the location, local market, its priority clientele. We do our best to balance all these factors and ensure the best holiday environment, simultaneously maximizing commercial results. 

Human Resource management

Certainly a key issue. It is our management that can direct the general course of operations, but it is our team at each separate hotel that implements it and keeps up our standards in order to provide to the guests best possible service. This is why we never stop education and pay a lot of attention so that everybody is in the right place and with the right attitude.


Same as our personnel, an extremely important issue of our daily operations. We must be sure that every item of equipment, every product, every little thing in a hotel is exactly what we want for our guests. We follow the trends, visit workshops and exhibitions, always keep looking for new possibilities and do our best to establish long-term relationship with our trusted partners. 

Daily Operations

When HotelArtPro undertakes to operate a hotel, it means full control and performance, from the beginning to the end. Our aim is to provide to the Owner the luxury of relaxation and simple observation of how the property works. We will take over every aspect and need of daily operations, arrange every process and maintain smooth work, regardless of the season.